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Core Values

The TLW Transformation Center is dedicated to providing behavioral, educational, prevention, social services, and advocacy to improve children's mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

The values that serve as the foundations of our organization's guiding principles are Client-Centered, Collaboration, Compassion, Excellence, and Integrity.


The needs of our clients come first. We empower, motivate, and inspire our clients to realize
their most significant potential while treating them with respect and unconditional love.
We are dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and security of our clients.


In order to deliver exceptional services, we prioritize the prudent and effective use of resources.

Within our company, we strive for the best possible degree of collaboration.
In an effort to be cooperative, we value genuine relationships with all of our stakeholders,
including our clients, state agencies, the court system, employees, and family members. Strategic alliances, in our opinion, help us better achieve our purpose. We value all partnerships by providing exceptional service, thoughtful attention, honest communication, and upholding our obligations.


We recognize and acknowledge the intrinsic worth of every individual and treat everyone fairly and with respect. Every decision is made with the child's best interests in mind. We foster an environment that is nurturing and encouraging so that individuals can transform their life.


We are committed to offering professional, effective, and efficient treatment services. We foster environments where staff teams can excel, ensuring that our staff has the necessary training to care for our children. We dedicate ourselves to achieving the highest performance, care, and quality outcome standards. We strongly emphasize outcomes and work hard to become more effective in all we do.


We are committed to achieving our goals and hold ourselves to the most significant levels of integrity on a personal and professional level. The highest moral standards serve as our compass.

We are dedicated to being outstanding stewards of the trust that our clients and the community place in us. In all of our interactions, we exhibit honesty and openness. We require accountability at every level of the organization.

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